InStance Questionnaire

Here you can find all the materials used to create the InStance Questionnaire. Follow the links on each item.

  • Preprint

    Marchesi, S., Ghiglino, D., Ciardo, F., Baykara, E., & Wykowska, A. (2019) Do we adopt the Intentional Stance toward humanoid robots? Frontiers in Psychology. doi:

  • Versions

    - 1 excel file with all the sentences in both Italian and English version (Mechanistic & Intentional)

  • Images

    - 35 scenarios (folder)

  • Code

    - HTML code of both Italian and English version of the surveys created on SoScisurvey.

  • Questionnaires

    - All the items on the Italian version
    - All the items on the English version

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